Pitti Immagine Filati – June 2022

29 - 1 July 2022 /

Fortezza da Basso (FI)

/ Stand Q1

Pitti Filati returns to the Fortezza da Basso from 29 June to 1 July 2022: a vast numbers of exhibitors and loads of enthusiasm as a result of positive market conditions driven by a new global nature, which again chooses local Italian and European productions.  Immediately after our 60th anniversary celebrations, we also participated at this edition with our stand at the fashion at work area, exhibiting our Babycombi machine:  concentrated technology, just over 1 metre long, which allows you to perform up to 6 different fancy spinning processes.


The research area has always been a central trade fair area: here the trends are exhibited which in this edition are dedicated to autumn / winter 2023-24. Colours, materials, yarn textures and knitting stitches according to the INTOTHEWILD theme.


We live in a domestic world, which is however crisscrossed by a strong wild and primitive drive. An attraction towards keeping things simple, which at the same time is marked by clear aggressiveness. We live in a highly connected, but also extremely isolated age, gilded, but harsh, equipped with all creature comforts, but in the end with superficial rules only, the era of progress and performance, but essentially still ‘wild’. Yet the myth of the noble savage referred to a man who was naturally in harmony with nature, positive, a part of the whole, only external forces could lead him to change or to lose that composure. A consideration to explore.


Pitti Island is the editorial theme: that the international yarn trade fair is an imaginary island connected with the whole world in a mutual and constant exchange. A land of selected botany – the best of fashion creativity – sociable and open, at times amusing, thought-provoking and engaging, sensitive to ideas, a meeting place for spending time together before each sets off on their own journey.