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Our origins are a value.

The history of Pafa is intertwined with the industrial history of our region, the Prato textile district, the largest in Europe. From here, Pafa brought modern machinery of excellent quality to the world. Tradition and Innovation have guided us since 1962: a long journey that has allowed us to build the greatest wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of fancy spinning machines. Passion, professionalism, reliability and research are the pillars on which our founder Mario Fani built the company and are still our benchmarks to this day.

A modern company into the future

We design and manufacture our machines here in Italy, and export a well-made product and a solid, punctual service worldwide. We work on continuous improvement that affects every aspect of the company, from organisation to the product, from partner search to process modernisation. Our path for the future is charted. New goals and challenges await us; we are on the move to seize every opportunity that contributes to creating value for Pafa, our employees and the region.


Our machines worldwide

At the moment, hundreds of thousands of kilograms of fancy yarns and chenille yarns are being produced in various countries around the world. One or more Pafa machines are working at these companies, in these countries.

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