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+39 333 2970019


To supply assistance efficiently is one of our main goals. Pafa Remote assistance eliminates downtime and assure answer in 24h

Thanks to the remote connection, we are able to provide training and consultancy with an easy and direct approach. Send a request for remote assistance* or for on-site intervention

*to get remote assistance your machine has to be connected to the internet

Spare parts

The spare parts catalogue is now online! An interactive, easy-to-consult spare parts catalogue for placing orders or requesting quotations directly, reducing time and eliminating errors in part code identification.

Enter your reserved area with the access codes you received at the time of purchase or ask again your code to Pafa.


Lab is the Pafa technical centre: various types of machines installed in a 350 sqm space are available to customers for tests, samples and micro-sampling. Our centre gives the possibility to test the model that best suits your needs: after sending your material to the Lab –fibres or yarns – with the specifications of the final product to be obtained, you will get back the samples create for you.

Book your test day with our technical team