Pitti Immagine Filati – January 2023

January 2023 /

Fortezza da Basso (FI)

Pitti filati 92 is an important edition: over 100 exhibitors draw the guidelines, the threads of the fashion to come. There’s a strong will to ‘Start over’, everyone feels the need to change, to develop new visions, new strategies, to be different. But it’s hard to orient oneself, to choose the right direction. That is why the theme of this edition is Pittiway: the fair as a moment of encounter, a place for concentrating forces, discussing things and then starting again individually with renewed energy and new creative ideas.


At a time still characterised by uncertainty and a great desire for recovery, two always seem to be the conflicting, polar forces that govern the dynamics of the coming season: caution and optimism, red light green light, stop and go, one-way and no-entry, hot and cold, right and left, up and down, over and under, fast and slow, in and out, speed up and slow down, overtake and pull over.


The theme of the research space is Alphabet: writing is the way we represent ourselves, communicate, express ourselves, land our visions, the beginning of designing, learning, development, growth, understanding, exchange. The alphabet as the beginning of a story, like culture, as a primary and evolved sign. Pitti Filati therefore dedicates the spring/summer 2024 season to the importance of dialogue and communication. In a profoundly changed world where evolution is faster than thought and conceptualisation itself, learning to speak a new language seems the strongest thematic track to follow at this moment in history. Language, writing, the alphabet, are contemporary and ancient tools of exchange and understanding as well as of belonging to one’s own culture and passing it on to posterity.