Pitti Immagine Filati June 2023

The 93rd edition of Pitti Filati recorded excellent attendance figures. Three intense days – from 28 to 30 June – in which the style offices of the big names in fashion and the best international knitters came to Fortezza to discover the most creative yarns and the most stylistic research and advanced technology, expressed by the top of international spinning and the best knitwear service companies.
Here are the numbers of this edition: 120 companies, including 87 spinning mills and 33 companies in special areas, and 3500 buyers from the biggest brands in the knitwear industry.

The editorial theme of this summer season presenting the 24-25 A/W collections is Pitti Game: to play, because the game is a challenging, playful, but above all creative dimension, synonymous with energy, concentration, the will to win and – sometimes – the courage to risk. For Pitti Filati, the chosen game is that of cards, a thousand possibilities, a thousand combinations: the skilful hands of a conjurer twirl the deck as if to evoke in movement, the yarn, the structure, the knit. Gestures that create. The pattern drawn by the cards intertwines and matches until it merges with the movement of a dancer, from hands to body, whose performance, filmed in slow motion, becomes texture, as if by magic.

The trade fair is enriched by the CustomEasy area – formerly Fashion at work – to delve into the various aspects of customisation and to offer the visitor a broader, more contemporary and fluid exhibition itinerary, in which all textile competences are integrated. The presence of textile machines to the preciousness of the washing applied to luxury knitwear is added to the other moments of the creative process-from embroidery to finishing and spinning.