Pitti Immagine Filati January 2024

The 94th edition of Pitti filati took place from 24 to 26 January 2024, the most important event for the world of spinning and beyond which presented the yarn collections for the spring-summer season of 2025 designed and produced by the best spinning mills Italian and international. 3,600 visitors – of which approximately 1,170 were foreign – for a total of 115 exhibitors: growing numbers for this edition which had Time as its editorial theme – Pitti Time.

From the past to the future, time is universally measured by clocks even if it flows differently for each of us; a real, virtual, intuitive, perceived, fleeting time has something extremely personal and emotional. It accelerates, decelerates, seeks a rhythm, especially in fashion: it compresses in the release of syncopated capsules, it dilates in search of heritage and elements that cannot pass. An appropriate reflection, especially for yarns, which determine and mark time so much in advance, that they predict it.

The Research Space is an invitation to travel, where the distances between one point and another, the distance from a finish line, the intermediate stages, the path taken and to be taken are marked by the “Milestone”. An imaginary journey told in three themes: Fluid, a temperature excursion from cold to heat; Tactile, the sensation of perceiving, intense, vibrant, personal; Concrete, a solid, intense, mineral sensation.