TA Twisting Machine

Ring Twisting Machine

The TA Twisting Machine is a ring twisting machine fed by yarn of any type of fibre, for the production of yarns with continuous effects in medium-coarse counts.

The machine can be fitted with one or two infeed cylinder banks; if the second cylinder bank is installed, it works independently and can be used to feed Lurex, interlaced Nylon, Lycra, etc.
An important feature of the TA Twisting Machine, which differentiates it from standard twisting machines, is the Pafa pneumatic device. This device, installed on our machines since 1997, trips whenever the thread breaks, stopping only 2 spindles and allowing the rest of the machine to work efficiently while still ensuring high quality.

The yarn produced is suitable for use in both the knitwear and weaving sectors.

Twisting TA is equipped with Siemens automation and comply with Industry 4.0

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