Machine for fancy yarns with cones

Hollow spindle spinning-twisting machine for the production of fancy yarns with medium-coarse counts. Rocfil is a very flexible machine and allows for various options. It can be fitted with 1 or 2 draft lines. It can be supplied by yarn, spinning bobbins and cans. It can be fitted with 2 independent in-line hollow spindles (Pafa Patent), with Distaffs on two rows, with needle heads of various sizes for the production of tape yarn directly from fibres. In the version with collection in bobbins on two rows it is the most compact machine in the world.

The yarn produced is suitable for use in the weaving, knitwear and the knitting industry for clothing and decoration, and for technical fabrics.

Combifil SW is equipped with Siemens automation and comply with Industry 4.0

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