Legafil 100

Machine for fancy yarns
Legafil 100 is the machine for fancy yarns par excellence, the most popular one worldwide, whose first version dates back to 1980. This is an extremely flexible yarn machine that can guarantee an extremely wide range of counts and fancy patterns, and countless combinations.
Legafil/S 100 is produced with 1 or 2 draft lines, and is supplied by spinning rovings from a roving frame or finisher, with spinning and/or yarn slivers.
It is available in various configurations depending on the installed ring diameter (diam 90, 100, 115, 127, 140, 152) and can reach the maximum length of 200 positions.
It is the machine for fancy yarns with the lowest energy consumption in the world: the 200-position version has a consumption of 0.14 kW/spindle in 24 h and has obtained the ACIMIT-RINA Green Label certification.
The yarn produced is suitable for use in the knitwear and weaving sector (clothing and decoration).
Counts range from Nm 3 to Nm 50.
Legafil 100 is equiped with Siemens automation and comply with Industry 4.0.
Legafil 100 is a registered trademark (R) and certified Geen Label Suistanable Machine Acimit- Rina


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