Ft Chenille

Chenille machine

Fully electronic machine for the production of chenille yarns with centralised control and fitted with only 5 motors serving a maximum of 140 positions in total. This machine, presented in 1996, has obtained numerous patents and revolutionised the existing chenille production system up until then, becoming, at the same time, the most copied chenille machine ever.

The centralised system, as well as allowing for energy savings amounting to about 40% compared to traditional machines, guarantees an even quality product on all spindles.

The production is optimised and made efficient with a series of solutions, such as: a rotary blade, a centralised platform, pneumatic control for a single head.  Worked counts from Nm 0.4 to Nm 20

FTC 2000 is equipped with Siemens automation and comply with Industry 4.0

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