Combing preparatory machine

The Roving Frame prepares rovings by using infeed pre-coloured slivers, to be drafted with 3 independent draft lines (Pafa Patent), one of which with pre-draft.

The electronic programming allows you to obtain rovings with multiple colour lines and with degradé effect.

The multi-colour roving bobbins obtained are ready for the spinning process (spinning machine) or to be used on hollow spindle spinning-twisting machines (machines for fancy yarns).

It is also possible to produce low twist yarn (roving bobbins) ready for final use on knitwear and/or knitting machines.
The machine can be supplied even with just 1 or 2 draft lines with pre-draft on draft 1 to enter with weights up to 10 g/m.

From 8 to 100 twists

Counts from 0.25 per 4 g/m

FancyFrame is equipped with Siemens automation, comply with Industry 4.0 and certified Geen Label Suistanable Machine Acimit- Rina

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