Filati fantasia combinabile

Combifil is the only fully combinable machine for fancy yarns: customers can set it up according to their needs and create their own version.

Thanks to its versatility and flexibility, the Combifil yarn machine can be fitted with: 1, 2 or 3 draft lines; with 1 or 2 independent hollow spindles (Pafa patent); with rings with diameters from 90 to 152 mm; with collection in distaffs and spindles; with needle heads.

Its flexibility guarantees 3 different types of processing:

  • Hollow spindle twisting machine supplied by yarn and with collection in a distaff or spindle;
  • Hollow spindle spinning-twisting machine supplied by spinning rovings from roving frame or finisher and spinning slivers, and collection in distaffs or spindles;
  • Hollow spindle spinning machine with collection in tubes.

The fancy yarn produced is suitable for use in weaving, knitwear and the knitting industry for clothing and decoration.

Combifil is equipped with Siemens automation and comply with Industry 4.0.

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