Machine for the production of extremely light and voluminous yarns with air technology

Machine for the production of extremely light, soft and voluminous yarns with air technology. Thanks to this device, the yarn is formed by inserting the roving fibres into a small mesh bag, in turn produced by single or double gravity needle heads. The Airjet machine is equipped with spinning rovings from roving frame or finisher made of wool or cotton staple combed fibres in different synthetic or natural mixtures. With a view of making Airjet a flexible machine, there are some options available:

– the needle head can be replaced with the hollow spindle to turn Airjet into a Legafil 100®.

– a special device can be installed to work with several core yarns in order to have up to 6 of them in different colours.

Worked counts from Nm 0.8 to Nm 12.

Airjet is eqipped with Siemens automation, comply with Industry 4.0 and certified Geen Label Suistanable Machine Acimit- Rina

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